Von Schmidt Porsche

For this system, the emphasis lies on the aesthetics and especially the RSR look of the rear bumper. As a result, the space around the engine could not be used as optimally as with the RWB Porsche. This made fitting the kats, the heating system and long equal lenght primaries in combination with sufficient damping a real challenge. But it all worked out in the end and what a beauty it has become! Everything is right on this system. From perfectly equal length for just that nicer sound and performance, the looks, the heating system, the fit, the hanging system with extra logo of the customer or owner, up to the RSR end tips. Beautifull match with this Porsche 964 RetroMod from “Von Schmidt”.

The car is original, so the exhaust is fitted to that, but it is still possible to opt for more or less sound.


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