Muffler – Standard Porsche 964 Headers (retromod)

This muffler is designed to fit the original Porsche 964 with its original headers. You would think making a muffler that fits the original headers does not sound special. But in this case, it is totally the opposite.

The muffler had to include a perfect flow, while at the same time realize the old RSR look (double pipe in the middle). And no, perfect flow is, unless they are a straight perforated pipe, not something that often occurs in a muffler. There are always tight and sharp corners, open spaces, etc. If you cut one open, you will be surprised how badly they guide the flow is inside.

One of the pictures shows the inside of the muffler to represent the challenge we faced. As you can see the muffler had to enclose a lot of pipe in a very tight area. But it worked out beautifully! It is actually sad that all of that beauty work is hidden inside.


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