Raph Porsche 964

This header/exhaust combination is focused on pure power and weight. The engine delivers 450hp and the entire car is built for pure driving pleasure with a rally/racing character. Powerful, sequential gearbox and the only 4-wheel drive of its kind. The primaries are a bit shorter due to the higher revs and also a bit larger in diameter to be able to discharge all 450hp in exhaust gases. With a wall thickness of 0.9 mm we are at the minimum. So that the weight could be even lower AND helped a little with the sharp sound. Enough damping for the road, but not the weight of a big system. The sound is (same as the high revs and 450 hp) unparalleled !!

Check out the video on autoblog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g97KsIX3b8


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