Porsche 964 – 993

Our collaboration with Kalmar Automotive, at least 11 pieces will be build. The system fits on the 964- and the 993 models. Both with backdate bumpers. At Kalmar Automotive, they have kind of their own models, like the Kalmar 797, Kalmar RS and more. For rally, snow drifting and way, way more. Check their website on https://www.kalmarautomotive.com/ . There is so much to say about this one, I would need several pages. By far the most high demanding customer but that is how we like it. Great looking end pipes (there will be several versions). Really every piece space there was, is used. It had to be a silent as possible, he wanted the best cats on the market as there are going to be sold and driven in the USA, and the first one will be for no one less then 9 times Le Mans winner: Tom Kristensen, for his private 911.


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