Ferrari 365 GTC4

The Ferrari 365 GTC4 is pretty rare. It was only made for 2 years. This time the client wanted to optimize the original headers to perfection but keep the original look (so no true Equal Lengts) and so we did. Funny enough this was far from easy as the originals are unbelievably bad. Ferrari owners will not like to hear this, but they are really horribly made. Bad welds, smooth flowing was not in their vocabulary and way too small tubes . The cylinder head exhausts ports are 36mm and the tubes are only around 30mm inside (I guess they couldn’t make it fit back then). We used the correct diameter (38.1mm) and this gave a huge improvement in torque and power all through the RPM range. (Check Walter Historischen Sportwagen in Bachenbülach in Switzerland for more information)


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