BMW 3 Series E36

An easy to build turbo manifold? Not this one. There was little room to work with. The engine is tilted and especially where the shocks are close to the chassis. The position of the turbo was far from ideal. The port surface area was almost equal to the turbo inlet surface area and the turbo inlet port had a big wedge in the middle. So in consultation with the owner we choose to make a 4 into 2 into 1 design with 3 bespoke collectors. It took a lot of puzzling to make it equal length and weld every piece in the right order. Not only because 321 stainless “works” so much while welding, you also have to be able to reach every spot with the welding torch! It all worked out beautifully, with VA-Engineering as such a very happy customer that they immediately ordered a second one.


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