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Because sound is half the fun. Horsepower being the other half.
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What we do

Celeritech offers you unique and unprecedented possibilities in the field of bespoke manifolds and high performance exhaust systems. With 20 years of experience, you can rely on our valuable knowledge when designing and manufacturing your high performance manifold or exhaust system.
Our unique manufacturing process introduces our customer to the benefits of "True Equal Length". Unlike our competitors, we manufacture the manifolds using computerized (CNC) machines to ensure that what is thought up and drafted within the 3D design is accurate to within a tenth of a mm in the final product.
True equal length means equaly distributed pulses that result in a more effective scavenging effect and a better flow of your exhaust gases. Combine that with high flow merge collectors, all pipes purge welded for a smooth surface on the inside and your engine runs better than ever before.

The perfect manifold provides you the setting to achieve an optimally running engine. This guarantees more horsepower and improves the reliability of your precious car.
We strive for perfection and try to offer the best solution for every customer.
Our motto: "We are only limited by space!"

Our key features...

We make the all primaries and all the secondaries of exactly the same length, which improves the performance and the sound.
Our high performance exhaust systems don't leave the shop without perfection. We offer a 100% guaranteed perfect fit!
We make a 3D scan in one day at your workshop. Self-scan is optional for overseas customers or enthusiasts. This is all we need to create perfection.
By working within a digital 3D environment, we give the customer the opportunity to be involved in the design process from start to finish.
We come to you to scan, then design and manufacture without the need for the vehicle. This saves a lot of time and money.
Once the manifold or high performance exhaust system has been made, we offer the option for shipping worldwide.

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A little about us

It started when I was still working in high level racing. I was responsible for engine development and simulations. Working with simulations mainly means working with numbers and finding results. The discoveries we made about intake and exhaust manifold lengths were of immense value.

To fabricate the manifold by hand in the correct length and shape felt like an impossible task at the time.

As an engineer with a passion for perfection, I started developing solutions for the complex task of designing and manufacturing exhaust manifolds. Celeritech was born in 2001.

Today, Celeritech has grown into a successful company with a highly respected customer base. Our unique service and pursuit of perfection keeps us at the top of our game.

Do you think it's impossible? Try us!

 Tjabring Snel
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Tjabring Snel - high performance exhaust
Tjabring Snel - 1996
Our Company
Celeritech is your partner in high performance exhaust design and fabrication.

We offer manifolds and exhaust systems for high level racing, historic racing, retromoding, streetcars, etc.
Our Goals
Delivering unprecedented quality and precision to guarantee perfect function and a perfect fit.

We strive for perfection in all our products.

Meet the  Team

CEO Celeritech - Tjabring Snel
Tjabring Snel
Founder & Technical Expert
Master Fabricator - Celeritech
Master Fabricator
Marketing Employee - Celeritech
Marketing & Apprentice Fabricator

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Our Testimonials

What others are saying about us

  • Harald Mössler
    "Not only does the engine sounds good, but most important it now works in optimal condition. I feel like I have a new engine. The performance development is perfect due to your precise manufacture and compliance with the exact lengths and diameters. I am completely satisfied and recommend you in motorsport circles. HMÖ"
  • Deniz Tahtasiz
    "Diverse samenwerkingen al tot een goed einde volbracht. Perfectie in het werk en meedenkend met correcte inbreng van technische kennis van deze specialisten. Op naar het volgende project!"
  • Alexander Furiani
    Furiani Racing
    "Der von Dir geschickte Krümmer passt wunderbar-perfekt! Danke."
  • Mark Scheffers
    Dutch Military
    "Very Quick and 120% workmanship!! Based on 3D pics (Photogrammetry) the “magic” happened. Really perfect Bullbars, every one of the 62 we ordered!"
  • Mike and Stefan Kupka
    MEC auto
    "MECauto can highly recommend Celeritech. Our exhaust system supplier for all kind of racing, custom one off manifolds and exhaust lines. Celeritech designed and fabricated for us a Cosworth DFV systems for historic F1 cars, Group C manifolds, GT car systems with silencers as for example Ford GT 40. The gain of time is a huge point as we don't have to transport the car! Celeritech takes measurements and when we got the system, it fits perfectly and gives very efficient results on the dyno!"

Let’s work together

Do you have a unique project, do you want the best for your engine? No challenge is too much for us. Let's work together, please contact us.
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What are the benefits of equal length headers?
The equal-length primaries ensure that the exhaust gases flow alternately through the collector, resulting in less backpressure than with an unequal-length header.

Due to the free flow, a higher velocity of the gases is achieved, causing a negative pulse behind the pressure wave. This pulse helps to empty the cylinder and will create a vacuum in the cylinder, which can then be filled more easily by the air-fuel mixture.

The result is a more efficient engine that can work freely and is unrestricted, increasing horsepower. This is also the main reason why just about any engine can see immediate performance gains when swapping out your current manifold for an equal length Celeritech header.

To get a better idea of the benefits, click here for a well laid out video.
What performance gain can be expected with equal length headers from Celeritech?
At Celeritech we ensure unparalleled perfection in all areas of our high performance exhaust systems.

- All bends are cut 100% perpendicular to the centerline to maximize the flow characteristics of the pipes
- All bends are purge welded for a smooth surface on the inside of the headers and exhausts.
- We work with in-house made high flow collectors to ensure minimal obstruction and maximum performance.

All these points and more ensure an optimally functioning engine.

A precise answer to the question of how much more power you get from your engine by using our exhaust manifolds cannot be given in numbers without extensive testing on dynos. But experience shows that due to our perfection, all customers are extremely satisfied with the results.

We dare to say that we can make sure your engine runs better than ever before with a Celeritech exhaust system.
Is it possible to participate in the design process of my exhaust manifold?
If you use Celeritech's Custom Service, there is the option to stay up to date via videos during the design process. Do you want a completely unique exhaust manifold, does it have to look a particular way, does it have to have a certain length, does it have to be desired diameter? Everything is negotiable.

Our motto is: "We are only limeted by space!"

So, Yes you are welcome to participate in the design to create the best sollution for your project.
Can Celeritech imitate an original exhaust manifold?
Replicating an original exhaust is not always easy, because every exhaust has unique properties.

At Celeritech we offer the possibility to make an exhaust look like the original. Although we cannot always ignore the urge to improve the original on small points.

Do you have a specific wish and are you curious if we can imitate your exhaust, do not hesitate to contact us.
How long does it take to manufacture a custom exhaust manifold?
The production time of a Celeritech exhaust system depends on the complexity of the project. On average you can assume a production time between 4 to 8 weeks excluding the time for designing.
Does Celeritech need the car to design and manufacture the exhaust manifold?
If the car is not in our database jet, we have to make a 3D scan at the preferred location of the customer. So there is no transport needed. We come to you! One day is all we need.
Can Celeritech produce an exhaust from a self-supplied technical drawing?
We work with software developed in-house based on AutoCAD. We can always come to a solution together to bring your own design into reality.

Please contact us to bring your next project to a successful result in collaboration!
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