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Manifolds And Exhausts

Celeritech is your partner when it comes to high precision, custom exhaust manifolds and full exhaust systems for competition and street cars. We work with Mild Steel, Stainless steel (304, 321 and 316), Inconel and Titanium, to wall thicknesses as thin as 0,5mm. “We are only limited by space”
Designing your custom exhaust manifolds or full exhaust system inside the digital 3D scanned model of your car, entails the possibility to visualize the complete system as if it was already on your car before fabrication is started.
When fabrication is finished, the product will get send to you by mail. We offer a perfect fit guarantee!

Working with Celeritech means:

A 100% guaranteed perfect fit;
True equal length manifolds;
A 3D-Scan of your car at your shop;
No need for transportation of your car;
Not missing out on your car for a substantial period;
Optional involvement in the design process;
Expert advice;
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  • porsche 911 - 964 performance exhaust
  • ferrari 365 GTC exhaust manifold
  • porsche 964 6 into 1 exhaust manifold
  • bmw e9 equal length exhaust manifold 2

3D Scanning

When you choose the option of a 3D scan at your shop, you thereby choose for not having to put your car on a trailer, not having to bring your car to someone else’s shop, not having to miss out on working on your car for weeks and more!
We can come to your shop to make the 3D scan for you, or you can choose to make the scan yourself.
If you would like us to make the scan for you, the process starts with a short consultation in which we ask you about your car, your shop and your wishes. An appointment is made. And we come to your shop to make the scan. Usually, the scan is made in one day.
If you choose to make the scan yourself, the processes also starts with a short consultation. We need the same information, but this time we need it, to help and guide you through the scan making process. We check if you have the right equipment or if we need to ship ours to you. The result will be a highly detailed digital 3D model of your engine bay. Many customers from all over the world preceded you, with success!
Watch our Self Scan tutorial video's
  • 3D Scanning - photogrammetry
  • 3D Scanning - photogrammetry
  • 3D Scanning - photogrammetry
  • 3D Scanning - photogrammetry
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Digital Design

At Celeritech, we use our in house developed CAD software to design your custom exhaust manifolds and exhaust systems. Designing digitally has some major advantages compared to the conventional way manifolds are made.

True equal length:

Designing in a digital 3d-model allows for a perfect implementation of the required lengths to every single primary. If you are a high performing engine builder and you know the precise lengths you want for your manifold, we can make sure every single pipe is made exactly to that specification. This means true equal length manifolds (and not something that comes close) are a real option!

Visual Consultation:

Another huge advantage of the digital 3D model is that you as a customer will be informed about the design from start to finish in an optimal visual way. You will be able to see and check every detail in a 3D environment. This means you can see your product as if it was on your car. No more surprises and every detail can be adapted to your approval.
  • Digital Design 3D
  • Digital Design 3D
  • Digital Design 3D
  • Digital Design 3D
  • Digital Design 3D
  • Digital Design 3D
  • Digital Design 3D
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To make sure the designed products are made exactly to spec, we developed a unique fabrication process which ensures the final product is exactly fabricated as designed. All parts are CNC cut and positioned with the highest precision in our in house developed universal rig.
The most heard question from customers is if it will fit. Enquiry showed us they are used to have fitting problems. Working with Celeritech means that is a problem from the past. We guaranty the product will fit! Even better, we vouch for it! If it does not fitb the scanned car, we will come to you and fix it on our expense.
Celeritech not only offers the most customer convenient approach, it also utilizes strictly high level parts, perfect welds and maximum attention to every detail. Mild Steel, Stainless, or Inconel, we work with all materials, to wall thickness as thin as to 0.5mm. Whatever you want for your manifold or exhaust, Celeritech will provide you with the best suitable solution.
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  • custom exhaust manifolds
  • custom exhaust manifolds
  • custom exhaust manifolds
  • Fabrication details
  • custom exhaust manifolds
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