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  • Starting this checklist, the basic header (/exhaust) system will be selected for you.
    • The basic system is a fully functional, single bend radius, mild steel manifold with a guaranteed perfect fit. From custom designed flanges (that have the pipes welded onto them and have round port holes), to the roled cone X-into-1 collector. Everything is Tig-welded with purging gas on the inside.
    • The basic choice is always indicated at the corresponding answer in the configurator.
  • To help you out, we provide you Celeritech's Choice.
    • Celeritech's Choice is a more high-end system than the basic version in which we have chosen the best price/quality/performance for you. Taking in mind the endless possibilities of car/engine configurations and the services we can provide, these options are not possible on every system. If your system is not allowing the option you have chosen, we will contact you and discuss the other possibilities.
    • Celeritech's Choice is always indicated at the corresponding answer in the configurator.
  • The following questions provide you the option to select the extra requirements you wish for your system.

General shape/properties of your new Manifold

Dual X-into-1-into-1
(Please note mm/inch. For stepped see PRO questions)
Please enter Diameter of Primaries
(Please note mm/inch. For stepped see PRO questions)
Please enter Diameter of Primaries
Rolled cone collector
Merge collector - Slip-on
Merge collector - Slip-on
Bend merge collector
No finish (/factory finish) (Basic) (€0,-)
Brushed finish, price per cilinder (Celeritech's Choice) (€15,- xQ)
Historic look finish, price per cilinder (mild steel only) (€25,- xQ)

Header Flanges

Laser cut (Basic & Celeritech's Choice) (€0,-)
CNC cut (€20,- xQ)
Cast (american V8 engines only) (€300,-)
Debured (Basic and Celeritech's Choice) (€0)
Brushed (€2,50 xQ)
Beveled (only for laser cut) (€10,- xQ)
I want no finish (€0)

The shape of exhaust ports can affect the amount of labour a lot. Welding a traight round pipe onto a flange is no problem at all. However, this can cause troubles when the mounting holes are to close to the port hole. in this case we put the pipe into the flange's porthole. welding a straight piece of pipe into the hole in the flange requires not only one more weld (outside AND inside), it also requires us to be shure of how deep we insert the pipe into the hole in the flange and that it is in the coorect angle. You can imagine starting off with a bend piece of pipe makes this even harder. And the tighter the radius of the bend gets, te harder this will become and the more work it takes of acomplish the perfection to which we strive

Until now, we have been talking about a round pipe into a round hole. Imagine having to do this with an oval, rectangular or even an 8-shaped port hole! Now is making the non-round shape into a straight piece of pipe not that hard. You can twist the pipe around its accis, you have a little play and you can orient the bend that connects to it any way you want. But imagine having to make the 8 shape into a tube with a bend in it! The 8-shape not only needs to be perfect to fit into the flange, it also needs to be into the correct orientation relative to the direction the bend in the pipe is pointing. And then you should know that a 1 degree mistake at the flange would result into a 1cm (or depending on the length of the pipe sometimes even 5 cm) defect at the collector!

Now it can get even worse! If your enginebay alaws almost no room to work with. This is the case when there pieces of the chassis right in front of the exhaust port of the engine. In this case, even the bend with the smallest radius doesnt even fit, so we are forced to make a mitred cut. In these cases it is just not possible to get the pipe into the flange. The pipe will be welded onto the flange.

We are telling you this becouse in the past we got surprised reactions conserning the prices regarding these flange transitions. Not becouse we couldnt make it. Celeritech has never met a challenge we haven't been able to beat.

No, my exhaust ports are round (Basic) (€0)
Yes, my exhaust ports are oval (€5xQ)
Yes, my exhaust ports are rectangular (€25xQ)
Yes, my exhaust ports are 8-shaped (€30xQ)
Yes, the room in the engine-bay is very limmited (€50/nodige poort)
No, You can start wit a straight piece of pipe. (Basic) (€0)
In to (€25xQ)
On to (Basic) (€0)
Yes (Basic and Celeritech's Choice)

Performance shape/propperties of your new headers (PRO):

5.1 The primaries need to be mm long
5.2 The secondaries need to be mm long
Step 1 needs to be at      mm from the flange
Step 2 needs to be at      mm from the flange
Yes, I want heatsheelding (€contact us)
Yes, I want heat wrapping (€contact us)
Yes, I want a heat resistant coating (€contact us)
Spring tabs (Basic and Celeritech's Choice)
Long screws (Turbo)
I want to be able to vary my primaries between       mm and       mm in steps of       mm (€15/tube)
I want to be able to vary my secondaries between       mm and       mm in steps of       mm (€17/tube)
I want to be able to vary my primaries between   
   mm and       mm

in steps of       mm (€15/tube)
I want to be able to vary my secondaries between   
   mm and       mm

in steps of       mm (€17/tube)

Shape/propperties of your new exhaust system:

Our specialty lies in making headers. We can make you the exhaust of your dreams. It is going to be perfection and it is going to be exactly that you want. But it is not going to be cheap. Including all labour and material you should think about €100,- to €200,- per bend we have to use for a basic system. That is with standard mufflers. Custom shaped non round mufflers will start at €1500,- each.

(if you dont choose, you'll automaticly go for the Celeritech's Choice system option)

Brushed finish (Celeritech's Choice) (€50-150)
No finish (/factory finish) (Basic) (€0)
Slipon (with spring tabs) (Basic and Celeritech's Choice) (€5/Connection)
Slipon (with screws) (€10/connection)
Slipon (with long screws) (€20/connection)
Slipon (with T-bolt clamps) (€10/connection)
V-band clamps (€50-100/v-band)
Flanges (€50-150/flange)
(please note mm/inch)

The last stretch



Thanks you for filling out this checklist!