bespoke primaries, headers and exhaust systems

Celeritech, your partner when it comes to high quality, custom-made, competition and street exhausts. We use unique and innovative measuring techniques to design and fabricate first-class parts that meet your demands.

Our service provides the convenient option of a one day scan at your shop, with the guarantee of a perfectly fitting header. In that way, you don’t have to worry about transportation and you can keep working on your car.

At Celeritech, we use our in house developed CAD software, combined with our inventive way of measuring and our innovative fabrication process, with which we can guarantee you a very cost-efficient, “precisely equal length” header design.

Working with Celeritech means:

  • A 100% guaranteed perfect fit;
  • Truly equal lengths;
  • High quality components;
  • No need for transportation;
  • Expert advice;
  • A high quality custom build product at a reasonable price;
  • A 3D-scan of your engine compartment at your shop.


“The gain of time is a huge point as we don’t have to transport the car!”

Why we are unique

Celeritech’s working method is incomparable to any other company in our industry. First, we perform a 3D scan on your car after which we design your system with our in-house developed 3D CAD software. Our self-developed technique and machinery will ensure that the systems are exactly build by design. Everything is digitally defined only the welding is done by hand. This process results in a very precise, custom-build, high quality product.

Our technique gives you multiple advantages:

  • No need to transport, we scan your car at your location;
  • You will not have to miss your car for a substantial period;
  • An optimized and detailed design with absolute precise equal lengths;
  • Involvement in the design process with the freedom to try out many ideas;
  • Very comprehensive designs possible;
  • The final product is always exactly like designed, a guaranteed fit;
  • We are able to scan all over Europe!

After years of developing we realized a technique that enables us to fabricate high quality, perfectly fitting products. Everything is set to maximize efficiency and precision, from the scan through the design and fabricating the end product. Our method is so effective that we even produce series with it, it beats using a jig every time!

Tophat LLC:

“The guys at Celeritech really did an amazing job for us!”



Our clients can participate in the design: All details can be viewed online via video or via 3D software before production will start. Ideas can be explored, all can be virtually checked. We work with Mild Steel, SST304, 321, 316, Inconel and Titanium. “We are only limited by space”.

No transportation

Any idea what preparation, transport and missing the car costs you? Celeritech does a 3D scan at your shop in one day; we scan all over Europe. So, you don’t need to worry about and to arrange transportation plus a very efficient handling offered by Celeritech will save your precious time.

Perfect fit

The most heard question from customers is if it will fit. Enquiry showed us they are used to have always fitting problems. Working with Celeritech means you do not have to worry about that, we guaranty! Even better, we vouch for it!


Whereas it takes other European companies weeks to work on customers’ cars, we only need access to your car for 1 day to make a 3D scan of it. All done at your location. So we keep your delay to a minimum.

High quality

Celeritech ensures the highest quality in design, components and manufacturing. And above all, as we originated from engine simulation and now have years of experience in the most demanding exhausts, we can give you the highest quality in advice.

Equal lengths

Normal craftsmanship can’t even come close to truly equal lengths. CAD design can, but is useless if the production is done by hand. Celeritech developed an all CNC unique process so we can guaranty all manifolds and exhaust systems are exactly to design and so, truly equal lengths.

Mike Rose:

“I have to hand it to them.. The exhaust go’s on like a treat. It fits with room all the way around.”




In a present time where function is key, Celeritech stands out. Weight and materials start to play a bigger role and customers know what they want and, more important, what they need. We meet those high demands by delivering the most comprehensive designs and provide advice when needed. We enjoy working on the most challenging projects at the highest level and take pride in fulfilling our promise to deliver the highest quality product for you.



It’s everything between high-level competition- and street cars. In this category, we don’t aim at saving the last few grams, we aim at a beautiful design and an enjoyable sound. Our often cost-effective solutions let you choose more than titanium, open pipes, valves, special silencers, it’s even possible to work on small series. Detailed knowledge isn’t required, we can provide you with support and assist you whilst making the right decisions.

Street cars


Ready-made headers and exhausts, developed and designed by us, in cooperation with engine builders or tuners. Everything from our portfolio is optimized for a (standard) specific car. At Celeritech we offer separate parts as well as entire systems, from a header to an end pipe. We provide you with the option to purchase a package with engine tuners when the development is done in cooperation with other engine or tuning companies.


“Fabulous! The exhaust fitted so easily!”

Steve Brooks:

“Yes, well done team! It’s a great result!”

  • "MECauto can highly recommend Celeritech. Our exhaust system supplier for all kind of racing, custom one off manifolds and exhaust lines. Celeritech designed and fabricated for us Cosworth DFV systems for historic F1 cars, Group C manifolds, GT car systems with silencers as for example Ford GT 40. The gain of time is a huge point as we don't have to transport the car! Celeritech takes measurements and when we got the system, it fit perfectly and gives very efficient results on the dyno!"

    Mike and Stefan Kupka MECauto, Belgium
  • "I have to admit, it sounded really quite cool. Well done all. Fabulous the exhaust fitted so easily, loving the technology and excellence behind the product. Amazing!"

    Patrick Blakeney-Edwards Blakeney Motorsport Ltd, England
  • "The guys at Celeritech really did an amazing job for us! They are flexible and laser measured the whole car at our own location, before doing the CAD drawings at their facility. The result, an exhaust system that is not only beautiful to look at but also the highest quality and the best fitment I have ever seen. Really a pleasure to work with and we use them on all our high performance Defenders."

    Carel van Helsdingen Tophat U.S. LLC, U.S.A.
  • “Celeritech made me a very nice set of headers for my racing Iso Grifo A3C. It was a difficult task as the space was very limited. They did an excellent job and it looks beautiful. I can recommend Celeritech to any (race) car lover. All the best, PB”

    Pieter Boel , Nederland
  • "I have to hand it to them, the exhaust go's on a treat with room all the way around the pipes for air gaps as you said it would. Thanks for your hard work it was worth waiting for. Best regards Mike"

    Mike Rose Mike Rose Classic Motorsport, England
  • "It looks awesome! Yes, well done team! It's a great result!"

    Steve Boultbee Brooks , England
  • "Diverse samenwerkingen al tot een goed einde volbracht. Perfectie in het werk en meedenkend met correcte inbreng van technische kennis van deze specialisten! Op naar het volgende project!"

    Deniz Tahiz DTMobility, Nederland
  • "Celeritech heeft voor mijn Ultima GTR V10 een bijpassend uitlaatspruitstuk ontworpen en geproduceerd. Daarin heb ik eigenaar Tjaab leren kennen als een kundige ingenieur die graag een mooi product aflevert en daarin heel ver gaat. Het eindresultaat was zowel optisch als op vermogen/koppel een feest!"

    Joop Baltussen Detech Engineering, Nederland
  • "Der von Dir geschickte Krümmer passt wunderbar-perfekt! Danke, sag mir doch bitte wie ich die Rezension für Deine Web-Seite schreiben soll!"

    Furiani Furiani Racing, Deutschland
  • "Ich habe die Auspuffanlage erhalten und sie passt genau, besten Dank für die schnelle Lieferung."

    JK JK Racing, der Schweiz
  • Ich hatte beim andere kunden von Celeritech gesehen das es gut hat funktioniert. Tjabring ist bei mir in der Schweiss vorbei gekommen um das ganze motorraum und der motor ein zu messen. Nachher hat er ein design geschickt. Jetzt habe ich schon 4 verschiedene auspuffen fur verschiedene fahrzeugen von ihn bekommen.

    Toni Seiler Callway competition fahrer , der Schweiz
  • "I know Tjaab from when he still did engine development and simulation. In all those years he made a lot of headers and exhaust for us and in everyone I could see how of a perfectionist he is. No matter how tight the space is, no matter how difficult the job, he always managed to make it fit including true equal length. And above all, we always gained a lot of horsepower with every project thanks to Celeritech headers and exhausts. They are highly recommended!"

    John Kronenburg Van Kronenburg Autosport en KMS (management systems)
  • "Very Quick 120% workmanship!! Based on 3D pics the “magic” happened; perfect Bullbar."

    Marc Scheffers DEBA Trucks
  • Very Quick and 120% workmanship!! Based on 3D pics (Photogrammetry) the “magic” happened. Really perfect Bullbars, every one of the 62 we ordered!

    Mark Scheffers Dutch Military Vehicles


“Het eindresultaat was zowel optisch als op vermogen/koppel een feest!”

About us

Celeritech is an innovative company which is established in The Netherlands. Celeritech aims on providing its customers with perfect fitting headers and exhaust systems. Fitting our labyrinthine design within the tightest engine bays is what we do best.

Celeritech distinguishes itself by the brand-new way of developing and manufacturing of its products. A customer isn’t burdened with the hassle and costs of transporting a vehicle towards the company. That’s why Celeritech has a prosperous future when it comes to the production of headers and exhausts.

We from Celeritech are more than proud that we are now able to combine our high-quality standards and guaranteed fit in the tightest engine bays. Our way is a customer friendly one and besides that, we deliver a beautiful high-end product.


“Der von Dir geschickte Krümmer passt wunderbar- perfekt!”


We take any request very serious and we’ll thank you for reaching out for us. We are happy to help; When you do have some questions for us regarding our services and products, please do not hesitate and feel free to contact us. Our contact information is noted down below.


Pastoor Duchampsstraat 15 a/b
5046 HV Tilburg
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0) 626 500 555
E: info@celeritech.nl


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